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Hello, I’m Andrew.

I’m a writer and English Language teacher originally from Northern Ireland, though these days my work has me living in Madrid. Since I moved to Spain in 2013, I’ve also lived in Santiago de Compostela, capital of the rainy northwestern region of Galicia, and Huelva, down in sunny Andalucía.

Back in 2016, I decided to start this up as a personal record of my travels throughout Spain and beyond in search of new grounds, entertaining games and scarves to add to my burgeoning collection of souvenirs taking up space back home in Northern Ireland.

In the past four years, I’ve been to Euro 2016 and a Champions League Final, but I hope that I’ve been able to show that there’s much more to football than the big matches. In fact, some of the best times I’ve had have been in the lower leagues in Spain, or indeed back home in Northern Ireland. The players on show don’t have to have cost over £100m for there to be a good story

Although Groundhopping and my football travels are the main focus of the blog, you can also find articles on football history and culture as well as personal updates every month through my Monthly Musings posts.

Looking forward to sharing my experiences with you,

All the best,


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For any general enquiries, contact me via e-mail – hello@misviajesenfutbol.com

You can follow the blog on Twitter – @viajesenfutbol or if you want to follow my personal account I’m @andrewgillan

The blog is also on Instagram – @viajesenfutbol


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