2021/22 in Pictures: January-April Update

Hello again! 👋🏻

It’s been a while since my last proper update to the site but I thought I’d drop in with an update to how my season has been going since the turn of the year.

I’m still making the most of my little sabbatical from writing regular posts, but here’s something to tide you over, a very busy start to 2022 in Spain going from Game 2️⃣3️⃣ all the way up to Game 4️⃣9️⃣!

January 🗓

Game 2️⃣3️⃣

A fun one to start the year off as Celtic Castilla (who weirdly play in Rangers’ colours) raced into a 2-0 lead only to throw it away in the second half.

Game 2️⃣4️⃣

A great winning goal from Villanueva Del Pardillo B but otherwise not a game which will live long in the memory.

Game 2️⃣5️⃣

After missing out on a game at Ganapanes in December due to a Covid-related postponement, I finally caught one in January and witnessed a shock defeat for an under-strength home side.

Game 2️⃣6️⃣

One of the best games of the year as Dépor come from behind to beat DUX with a last minute golazo from William De Camargo.

Game 2️⃣7️⃣

Real Madrid’s women came from behind to win an entertaining game and strengthen their European push.

Game 2️⃣8️⃣

If I’m honest, the pre-match walk around Parque El Capricho was more rewarding than the game.

February 🗓

Game 2️⃣9️⃣

Cheap flights opened the possibility of a weekend getaway to Mallorca – and a wonderful weekend it was! This controversy full match was a centrepiece of the trip for me.

Game 3️⃣0️⃣

Back in Madrid, I finally got to see Moratalaz on a dry day. And they played well enough, albeit without a cutting edge before getting picked off by Atlético B.

Game 3️⃣1️⃣

I have no idea how this finished 0-0.

Game 3️⃣2️⃣

After walking past this ground on my way to work for the best part of three years, I finally ventured up on a Sunday morning for a game.

Game 3️⃣3️⃣

I walked down the road after the previous match and saw another five goals. Not a bad day for the statistics.

Game 3️⃣4️⃣

Another draw sees Dépor’s season continue to go off the rails. Unhappy birthday to me.

March 🗓

Game 3️⃣5️⃣

I visited Castroserna for the first time since the Flat Earth days to see the real home team play. And they were incredibly frustrated at only managing to win 2-0 against the league’s bottom side.

Game 3️⃣6️⃣

I finally made it up to Galapagar thanks to a rare Saturday afternoon kick-off. Although it was another 0-0, it was one of the more enjoyable ones I’ve seen this season.

Game 3️⃣7️⃣

I’ve been to at least one Carabanchel game every season I’ve lived in Madrid but had never seen them win until this game against a very poor Colonia Moscardó side.

Game 3️⃣8️⃣

Atlético did what they do best – grind out a scrappy 1-0 win.

Game 3️⃣9️⃣

Real Madrid got a vital three points in their Champions League push thanks to a last-minute winner against a stubborn Levante.

Game 4️⃣0️⃣

The second Día del Fútbol Modesto of the season was a small scale affair but a good time was had by all watching a brave performance from Británicos against very strong opposition.

April 🗓

Game 4️⃣1️⃣

A fine morning for a local derby in Tercera Regional Group 10. After a bit of a walk I finally found Fundación’s ground and witnessed a comfortable win for their B team.

Game 4️⃣2️⃣

A beautiful afternoon to sit in the shadow of the towers and enjoy a match. Inter won thanks to a goal with virtually the last kick.

Game 4️⃣3️⃣

Adarve B won this keenly-contested local derby with EF Barrio del Pilar and I was perfectly situated to get pictures for the celebration of their clinching goal.

Game 4️⃣4️⃣

My highest-scoring game of the season so far as Arroyofresno almost mount a stunning comeback from 4-1 down in the final ten minutes, only to be caught out right at the end.

Game 4️⃣5️⃣

An extremely enjoyable afternoon out as ten-man Botti came from a goal down to beat Moratalaz and stay alive in the battle against relegation.

Game 4️⃣6️⃣

At the third attempt this season, I finally heard The Final Countdown in Vallecas. A more enjoyable game this time but Rayo’s winless run stretched on…

Game 4️⃣7️⃣

A must-win game for both sides ended in a draw which wasn’t much use to either. Nice evening for football though and an excellent tortilla montadito!

Game 4️⃣8️⃣

Still annoyed that Moscardó arbitrarily raised their ticket price to €15 for this game. Good for the goal average anyway.

Game 4️⃣9️⃣

The best backdrop of the year so far and a fun game too as the home side missed a ton of chances and then lost their tempers as they felt refereeing decisions went against them.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back in June for the remainder of this season’s fixtures and possibly another end of season awards post

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