The Madrid Football Fashion Parade (Summer 2020 Edition)

Welcome to my round-up of the new kits being released all around the world of football in Madrid this summer!

This was one of the most popular posts of last year on the blog, so I thought, “Why not do it again?”

Although this year I’ll be doing things a little differently – I’ll add new kits to the top of the post as they’re released (or as I find them) to make things a little bit easier to keep track of.

Getafe – Home, Away and Third Kits

This is a real return to form for Getafe after last season’s slightly underwhelming set of kits.

First up, yes they do all use the same template, but when it’s a good one and there’s a reason for it, I can overlook that.

The black trim that features on the collar and sleeves is in the words of the club press release, “a heartfelt tribute to the victims of the pandemic”. It means that in every game they play next season, Geta will commemorate those supporters who died in the Covid-19 pandemic.

The three kits are a big upgrade from the past season, the all-blue home kit returning to a darker shade, as does the red away and a clean all-white design replaces the slightly lurid yellow one as third kit.

A very strong showing from Getafe and Joma!

Rating: 8.5/10

Unión Adarve – Home Kit

I have decidedly mixed feelings on this one…

Last season’s Adarve home shirt from Uhlsport was a strong distinctive design – the all-Black kit with the red central stripe was unique in the Madrid Tercera.

Switching to Adidas this season, well let’s just say when the kit deal was announced I had a quick look at the Adidas teamwear catalogue online and picked this out as the one they’d end up with.

The club has worn red and black stripes in the past so there’s no real issue on that front, but I’ll just miss their old look.

I’ll probably end up owning this shirt too – if they offer it along with a season ticket for €45 like last season.

Plus the increased presence of red means whatever they choose as the away kit will get plenty of use this coming season…

Rating: 6.5/10

RSD Alcalá – Home, Away and Third Kits

Alcalá are premiering their new kits for the upcoming season in this weekend’s promotion play-off semi-finals (18th/19th July) and by next weekend, we will know whether they will be wearing them in Segunda B come the Autumn.

The kits are supplied by Danish brand Hummel, always a cult favourite, who have given them a clean design with an almost square-looking collar and the iconic chevrons featured on a black background on the sleeves. The home shirt is red, the away is blue and the third (not pictured) is white.

The kits look good, but there is a certain lack of imagination in the same template being used for all three – the only real difference is the presence of red side panels on the white shirt. They’re all individually nice kits, but the lack of diversity costs them a couple of points overall.

Rating: 7/10

Las Rozas Home and Away Kits

Las Rozas are one of the more prominent lower league teams in Madrid that I’m yet to see in action. I probably would have this past season but for the pandemic putting paid to all lower league games after mid-March, so hopefully I can get to their ground whenever fans are allowed to return in the new campaign. 

In a footballing sense, the abandonment of the season probably helped Las Rozas as they looked likely to be one of the four sides relegated from Segunda B Group 1. In the intervening months they’ve gone and got themselves a big-name manager with former Real Madrid and Spain player Ivan Helguera taking charge. 

So on to the kits…

There’s not really a huge amount to say. Both kits use the Adidas Regista 20 template, which features a plain body and white sleeves with a gradient pattern formed by hexagons. 

The addition of the Spanish flag and city crest on the back of the neck is a nice touch too.

Overall though, they’re nothing special and I always feel it’s a shame when teams have multiple kits based on the same template.

Rating: 6/10

Atlético Madrid Home Kit

Oh this is nice!

The current Atlético home shirt is fine, but a little safe, which was maybe to be expected after a couple of slightly out-there efforts worn in their first two seasons at the Wanda Metropolitano.

This just oozes class. I love the button-up polo-style collar in dark blue and the slightly wavy look to the stripes, which is a subtle way of updating the design (note to whoever designed Nike’s home kit for Inter)

Teamed with dark blue shorts and red socks, almost the same as this season’s, it’s a classic Atleti look.

Rating: – 9/10

Leganés – Third Kit

I think Lega were the first La Liga club to release a new kit for the coming season – unfortunately it’s the only thing Super Pepino’s boys will be first in this year as they look set to suffer relegation after four years in the Primera Division.

The “sanitary blue” kit, which was first worn in their 2-0 defeat at Barcelona, is dedicated to the “heroes of the fight against Covid-19” – Leganés being the municipality in Spain hardest hit by the Corona Virus outbreak.

And despite being Ballymena colours, it’s actually quite a nice kit.

Rating: 7/10

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