2019/20 in Pictures: Games 39 and 40 (DDFM4 Special)

The fourth Día del Fútbol Modesto was another great success! Around 20 of us across two games witnessed six goals, two red cards and one of the best moments of the season. Read on for more…

Game 3️⃣9️⃣

Villaverde’s Estadio Boetticher was the first venue of the day as we looked to bring them a bit more luck following their fantastic comeback on DDFM3 and inspire them to their second league win of the season. It wouldn’t be easy, Móstoles had been in good form and Botti, well they hadn’t even managed to score a goal in their previous six home matches.

And for 90 plus minutes, it looked like it would be another hard-luck story. Very little of any note happened. Botti’s goalkeeper made a few decent saves but his counterpart at the other end mostly just had to deal with catching simple crosses into the box – “A textbook 6/10 performance from him” I said.

But the day was about to have its first iconic moment. If ever a goal deserved to be set to ‘My Heart Will Go On’ from Titanic, then it’s surely this one…

Alex Aragón was chasing a lost cause, but through a lapse in concentration from the defender he managed to nick the ball. I half expected the assistant on that side to flag for a foul but no! Aragón continued his run and calmly slotted the ball home before turning away and sprinting to celebrate in front of the Bottis Verdes.

All those months of frustration disappeared in a split second. The fact that relegation is almost inevitable was forgotten. What we had was a perfect communion of players and supporters just living in the moment.

I said in a previous post that one of my resolutions for 2020 was to just enjoy football. More moments like this one will definitely help me with that.

Match Rating: 8/10 (mostly for the last minute goal and the scenes that followed)

Match Cost: €10 💶

In between the two games we headed to a nearby bar, Los Arcos, for some drinks and tapas, after which some of our number departed for games in Vallecas, Getafe and Alcorcón.

The rest of us headed on to game number two in Aravaca!

Game 4️⃣0️⃣

And so to a new ground for me!

We travelled to Aravaca via the Cercanias from Delicias and then tackled the long walk uphill from the station to arrive just in time for kick off.

We ended up spending the early part of the game inside the charming bar, complete with warm fire and lots of memorabilia. Having not had a full lunch, we were able to grab a bocata (not el bocata se come en el descanso this week) or more exactly most of us were as the bar ran out of bread before all the orders could be completed…

Onto the match itself and the first half was a rather sedate affair. Aravaca took the lead through a great finish from striker Dani García (who coincidentally used to play for Villaverde) but Atlético Villalba levelled before the break. Meanwhile, we wondered how long it would take before two players went in for a 50/50 challenge in the massive puddle just in front of the stand…

In the second half the visitors pulled ahead although I can’t really describe the goals in any great detail as they were lost in the glare of the setting sun.

But the game really kicked into gear with a double sending off. A bad challenge in the middle of the field resulted in some handbags with most of the players becoming involved and one player for each side being given their matching orders. After this the referee had clearly lost control of proceedings as the number of heavy tackles and confrontations sharply increase.

Aravaca pulled a goal back as the Villalba goalkeeper somehow let a free kick slip through his hands into the net but despite lots of pressure there was to be no equaliser.

And no one went for a slide through the puddle, which was probably the only disappointment of the day!

Match Rating: 8.5/10

Match Cost: €6 💶

With the Bottis Verdes at Villaverde (Photo Lester Drake)

Big thanks again to Lester Drake, the mastermind of DDFM, for organising everything! It was great to meet a few new people as well. The ‘movement’ continues to grow and I can’t wait for the February edition!

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