Behind the Scenes with The Spanish Football Podcast

The football season may be over for me in terms of going to matches, but in reality football never really stops these days.

There’s always something to talk about whether it be the end of season playoffs, international tournaments or interminable transfer sagas and on Monday morning I had the opportunity to meet up with the people behind the award-winning Spanish Football Podcast for one of their recording sessions.

Since starting the podcast in 2013 (coincidentally the year I moved to Spain) Sid Lowe, Phil Kitromilides and Alex Kirkland have been covering La Liga for a wide international audience, taking an in-depth look at the goings-on at the big clubs, but also giving the stories of other clubs their deserved spotlight. And calling lots of Spanish people ‘Barry’.

In addition to the regular podcast, they produce lots of additional content for people who pay through Daily Reviews of the headlines in the main sports papers, Q&A podcasts and the TSFP Presents… series which has covered such diverse topics as the language of Spanish football, regions and rivalries and the greatest teams in La Liga history.

Another option offered to Patrons is the chance to join them for a recording and after months of my schedule being too busy, I was finally able to make good on this on Monday morning.

After meeting up outside Principe Pio station, we headed over to the park near the river where we were joined by fellow patrons Josh and Danielle (all the way from Columbus, OH) for the recording.

The main podcast was recorded in one take before steadily increasing heat forced us to seek out shade for the Q&A and a couple of videos (one of which even features me.)

Despite the La Liga season having finished about a month ago there was still plenty to cover, including Real Madrid signing everyone, La Liga players at the Copa America, Spain’s under-21’s losing their European Championship opener to Italy and of course, the promotion playoffs, featuring mixed fortunes for the two teams I’m most invested in, Depor (yay) and Recre (sad face).

The morning finished off with a café con leche at a café across from the station with more football chat, discussion of the best Spanish beaches, the wonderful world of Spanish bureaucracy and a bit about the peculiarity of Gibraltar before everyone went their separate ways.

If you like the sound of all this, why not get involved at the TSFP Patreon?

From $5 per month you get access to the entire back catalogue of special episodes as well as the daily paper reviews and weekly bonus episodes. In addition, during the summer months the main podcast is Patreon only.

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